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Windows 7 Sticky Notes Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 7 has a new app called Sticky Notes that replaces the similar sidebar gadget. Finally an integrated way of putting lots of colored postit-notes on your desktop.

The bad news first: when you use Aero Peek to have a quick glance at your desktop, the sticky notes disappear (as will any other app of course). The sidebar or desktop gadget would’ve shown here… A workaround could be to pin the Sticky Notes app to your taskbar and use the Win+(Number) key combination to show and hide your notes.

Windows 7 Sticky Note with keyboard shortcut

The good news: even though it seems that you can only type plain text in your notes, in reality there are a lot of familiar keyboard shortcuts to bring your notes alive:

Control+L = left align
Control+E = center
Control+R = right align
Control+T = strikethrough
Control+U = underline
Control+I = italic
Control+B = bold

Ctrl+Shift+> = bigger font
Ctrl+Shift+< = smaller font

Ctrl+Shift+L = bulleted list

Control+N = new note
Control+D = DELETE (without confirmation!)

Control+A = select all
Control+X = cut
Control+C = copy
Control+V = paste

Control+Z = undo
Control+Y = redo

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