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Broken apps in Windows 7

Although almost anything that works on Windows Vista also works on Windows 7, there are certainly exceptions. Here's a list of apps not working in Windows 7 beta:

  • FinePrint 6: this excellent print preview driver saves huge amounts of paper and ink. Unfortunately, kernel-mode printer drivers are not allowed anymore, and the famous KMPrintersAreBlocked registry hack does not work.
    In a reply from the tech department, FinePrint Software says a fix is underway, perhaps as soon as this week! Update: as FinePrint tech support promised, the latest FinePrint 6.05 installs perfectly on Windows 7.
  • ISO mounting tools: although Windows 7 now has native support for ISO disc images, it is only possible to burn them to disk. You can't mount them as a virtual drive. None of the software I tried worked on Windows 7: MagicDisc installs but doesn't work, same story for VirtualCloneDrive, and Windows 7 is so kind to let us know upon installation that it doesn't support Daemon Tools currently. Alternatives anyone?
  • Defrag software: Raxco PerfectDisk 2008 doesn't want to install on this version of Windows. I could try modifying the installer, but disk software is not the kind of app you want to mess with. Since Raxco has announced PerfectDisk 10 to be available on January 27, 2009, I'm sure Windows 7 support won't be far off.
    Update: Raxco confirmed in the comments below that PerfectDisk 10 supports Windows 7.

Do you know other programs or drivers that don't work on Windows 7? Do you know a workaround? Let us know!

Reported by Daniel:
Hamachi vpn client ( (works when installed as Administrator)

The Nvidia control panel on a Dell D830 won't let me set an external ViewSonic display to 1680x1050, and it would be much happier at that resolution.

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