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Free Shell Tools for power users!

Shell Tools from Moon Software is a free download consisting of a few very handy shell extensions for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista (32-bit).
Screenshot of Shell Tools configuration screen

Here's a quick overview of the features:

  • Copy Filename: select one or more files, and you can copy the filenames to the clipboard.
  • Filenote: allows you to enter some notes about a file. It will create a txt-file with the same filename and launch your text editor (notepad) to edit it.
  • Show Hidden Files: a quick way to toggle visibility of hidden files in your Explorer. Much handier than going through Folder Options.
  • FontLoader: makes loading, unloading, installing and uninstalling of TrueType fonts, OpenType fonts and TrueType Font Collections very easy.
  • CopyURL: copies the url, the link or the name of Internet Explorer Favorites. Very handy when you want to share some info via email or blog about it.
  • RegisterServer: makes registering and unregistering DLL/OCX/EXE files a snap.

After installation you must first enable the extensions you want (see screenshot above).

Download here: Shell Tools 1.01 (Vista compatible)

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