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Finally New Visualizations for WMP!
Finally some new visualizations for Windows Media Player:

Thanks to two Microsoft employees who worked on it for a long time, you can now enjoy this beautiful screen animation when you're listening to your music.

As a requirement to run these visualizations, you will need a graphics card that supports at least shader model 2.0 (most DirectX 9 graphics cards will), which might seem like a high requirement for visualizers, but how else are you suppose to create visual magic right?

Included in the single package are 7 visualizations with over 40 variations in total, including

  • Album Art 3D - 3D cubes with the album art of the song you’re currently playing

  • Bubbles - inspired by the Bubbles Vista screensavers also featuring the album art

  • Distortion - distorts the album art in a 3D waveform

  • Hypnobloom - hypnotic checkered purple rings

  • Ribbons - inspired by the Mystify and Ribbons Vista screensavers (as seen above)

  • Gigertron 3D - 3D layered visualizer bars

  • up cuber - a pigment arrangement of 3D hexagon cubes

Enjoy, it's a free download!

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