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It is time to skin your Google!
After years of looking on the sparse Google page, it was time to pimp it up a bit. It all starts by using the personalised Google start page (iGoogle).

  1. Recent changes allow you to apply beautiful dynamic themes, like the cityscape theme in this screenshot:

    These themes will change based on your current location and time of day.

  2. Next, you can add small gadgets for all kinds of information. It is similar to the Windows Vista Sidebar, except that you can drag and place the gadgets in 3 columns, and that they're always visible whenever you open your personalised Google page. (Gadgets in the Windows Sidebar tend to get stuck behind active applications — although they're easily revealed with the Win+Space keyboard shortcut.)

  3. Finally, you can easily create your own gadgets, for yourself or to share with friends and family. You do not have to program anything! You start with one of the handy templates and literally tens of seconds later your gadget is ready!

    As an example, I created a new gadget called Weekly Infrared that will bring a new infrared photo to your Google page every week.

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  Posted by oVan on Tuesday, June 12, 2007 | PermaLink | 0 comments
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