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22 Reasons Why Safari 3 is Unusable (and counting)
As indicated in my previous post, I had high hopes for Safari on Windows and I've played with it for about an hour.
Although I didn't intend to use it as my daily browser, I did want to keep it for testing purposes. The following list of problems and bugs will explain why I will uninstall it immediately, as it won't be of any use to me anymore:

Update: I've added some more problems posted by visitors
Update 2: Added related articles at the bottom

  1. The interface does not adhere to Aero or XP Windows UI standards (same problem as iTunes and QuickTime (and is subjectively ugly)

  2. No ClearType support, only font smoothing that looks terribly fuzzy on flat panels

  3. In Vista, the window has no drop shadow like other applications, making it very hard to see what application is focused (unless you keep checking the status bar)

  4. Clicking on the Safari icon in the Windows taskbar doesn't Minimize or Restore its window

  5. You can't resize the window with its borders, only by using the small grip in the bottom right corner (provided it is not off screen).

  6. You can't close a tab with the middle button of your mouse

  7. Alt-Enter does not open an address in a new tab

  8. Typing Ctrl-Enter does not add "www" and ".com" in the address bar

  9. Escape key doesn't close the Print Preview window.

  10. Buttons for Minimize, Maximize and Close are too small

  11. Clicking on Bookmarks button or using Show All Bookmarks function (Ctrl-Alt-B) crashes Safari

  12. Viewing installed plugins gives error message: Safari is missing important resources and should be reinstalled.

  13. While typing my email address in the edit box on this page, Safari just crashes!

  14. The toolbar buttons have no tooltips. I have no idea what that spider button will do...

  15. Moving the Print Preview window around the desktop is very slow

  16. Left edge of toolbar on Print Preview window has transparent part

  17. Loading a different website in the main Safari window while the Print Preview window is still open, renders the new site also in Print Preview mode. I can't see the use of that, and the Print Preview should probably be a modal box.

  18. Safari doesn't maximize properly on a second monitor.

  19. Side-scrolling with the mouse does not work

  20. Using Back & Forward buttons on my Logitech mouse doesn't work either

  21. Not only does it use a lot of memory, it also leaks memory fast! Reloading this blog post a few times will eat up a few megabytes extra.
  22. And finally... it does not uninstall gracefully. It leaves a lot of orphaned registry entries, including for the Bonjour technology.

  23. Submitted by Tamir: Choose Language description in Hebrew is shown in reverse.

  24. Submitted by Philip: It's impossible to change the proxy settings.

  25. Submitted by anonymous: Preferences do not persist between sessions, nor is there a save button!

Okay, I agree that some bugs mentioned will be fixed, as this is a beta version after all. What will not be fixed however, is the fact that although Apple has the reputation of building user friendly devices and software, it actually fails totally in the User Experience! They have the arrogance to ignore de facto UI standards on the Windows platform, and by doing so they confirm what I've always thought about their products: they're (most of the time) beautiful but not practical. Sure, a lot of people benefit from a simple user interface, but not if it makes it harder to use the product: you can't easily resize the window, the font rendering looks horrible, buttons have no tooltips, the top header panel is huge, the removal of the status bar makes you wonder if your webpage stops at the bottom of your screen or continues under the taskbar, etc.

Apple might think that they'll gain some market share back from FireFox or Internet Explorer, but as it is now it just might backfire...

What are your thoughts? What problems did you encounter, or maybe you really like it? Let us know!

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