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Official nVidia Vista Drivers 158.18 WHQL
nVidia updated the download package of the nVidia Vista 158.18 driver –ForceWare158– because now they're official and also qualified by Microsoft (WHQL). This means that the driver has passed the tests at Microsoft Hardware Labs, but this also means nVidia considers this a stable release, even though it still contains a list of bugs.
As I still get frequent hangs on sleep, I'll have to investigate further. Next target on my radar is the Creative X-Fi.

Update: this driver adds support for my Quadro FX 550 (and a whole range of other Quadro cards) so you don't need a modified nv_disp.inf file anymore. It has also fixed the missing nVidia control panel on my system.

Update 2: A newer beta version has appeared – ForceWare Release 158
Version: 158.24 | Release Date: May 2, 2007 | Beta Driver
– that promises to fix even more bugs and offer improved performance. Let us know if it solved your Vista sleep problems!

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  Posted by oVan on Tuesday, May 01, 2007 | PermaLink | 0 comments
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