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Discover relevant RSS feeds with TagJag
As you know, people don't create lasting websites anymore. Everyone posts information quickly into blog postings (hey, you're reading one). To find your way in these blog forests, you need some good tools. One of the best ways to discover relevant articles is by means of tags. Tags are labels that the original poster sticks on the article, they're like the keywords you would look for in a search engine or to find a book in the library.

So how do you use those tags when you're looking for information?

There are some so-called social tagging sites (,, Technorati, ma.gnolia, Stumble Upon, ...) that let members vote for certain articles related to one or more tags. That's how the most popular posts bubble up to the top of stack.

In theory this is all fine, but when you're looking for a less popular subject or something that is not so recent anymore, you won't find what you're looking for easily. So here comes – formerly named – by Chris Pirillo. It's a site (and a web service) that lets you search for a specific tag in more than 300 feeds and sites. The results you get are in RSS format, so you can subscribe immediately to those search queries.

Suppose I'm looking for a new job that involves working with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Most job sites provide customized RSS feeds for job queries. Normally, you would need a lot of time checking out each one of them.

Here's how you can do it with TagJag...a few screenshots will say more than a thousand words:

First we surf to and see a big orange box to enter our keyword (tag). Below the tag box you see a horizontal list of feed categories and below the categories you see the current sites/feeds that are included.

We click on the "Jobs" category, type "lightroom" in the tag box and press enter. The list of feeds is updated and shows customized RSS feeds for job sites that use our tag "lightroom":

When we open one of those feeds (e.g. we get the current job postings on that site that contain our tag/keyword "lightroom". As you can see Adobe is looking for someone to join the Lightroom team:

The power of TagJag is not only that you get quick access to hundreds of relevant and customized feeds, but also that you can import all of those feeds in one operation into your feed reader via the OPML format. If you look in the second screenshot above, you'll see a dark blue button with a white circle around a dot — in the light blue frame around the feeds. That's the logo of OPML and when you right-click on it you can save it as an OPML-file on your disk. You can then import it into Outlook 2007, Newsgator, FeedDemon, etc. That way you have expanded your RSS feed list with possibly tens of useful links and feeds in one operation.

Give it a try!

Update: Corrected a few typos and added some more social tagging websites.

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