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CSE HTML Validator 8.04 released
Even though semantic markup is gaining popularity and more developers are aware of the need to create correct code, there are still lots of websites that could use a little validation.
One of the best validators has just released a small update, fixing some bugs and adding Vista compatibility: CSE HTML Validator 8.04

Here's a list of changes since version 8.03:

  • Editor

    • Dragging and dropping a Batch Wizard target list file (that has an lst file extension) onto the editor in the professional edition will now ask if you want to open it in the Batch Wizard.

  • Batch Wizard

    • Following links should now work when links contain ";jsessionid=".

  • Improved Syntax Checking

    • Now assume that <%...%>, <?...?> and <!--# ...--> will evaluate to a text string when CSE HTML Validator tries to determine if there is text in elements such as "b". This should eliminate messages like this for source like this <b><% =MS.SomeRoutine %></b>: The "b" element contains no text and may be useless. Consider removing this element or placing text in it so that it contains text.

    • Recognizes more font family names as valid.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed a bug that calculated an incorrect absolute URI in certain rare situations.

    • New TreeView component to fix access violations when tool tips were on.

    • The tidyprofiles.xml file is now properly stored and referenced to in the user's application data folder.

    • Recognizes the CSS "counter-reset" property.

  • Other

    • Many Microsoft Vista improvements to better support the look and feel of Microsoft Vista.

    • Improvements when adding file associations.

    • Paths in the old 8.3 format that are passed as a filename argument to the command line processor are now, in most cases, converted to long filenames before processing.

    • Miscellaneous user interface improvements and fixes, including new tip messages.

    • Now creates the registry key that HTML-Kit looks for when it looks for CSE HTML Validator. This should cause the menu option Tools->Check Code Using CSE HTML Validator to appear in HTML-Kit when CSE HTML Validator is installed.

    • Minor updates to the documentation.

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