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SuperWasp Blog Restyled

Today I've relaunched the SuperWasp blog, using a Blogger skin I developed for my family blog TV15. Several modifications were made to the skin to accomodate the longer posts: on the main blog page and on all archive pages, long posts appear with a scrollbar (on the latest browsers of course), while on the single post pages they appear as one big article.

One of the other techniques I used in the restyling is dotIR (Image Replacement for .NET). Actually, I modified the code from Milan Negovan's .IR, which on its turn is based on sIFR (Scalable Inman Flash Replacement) Version 2.0b2 by Copyright 2004 Mike Davidson, Shaun Inman, Tomas Jogin and Mark Wubben.

So what does .IR or dotIR do, you might ask?

It replaces the headings and titles in the webpage with (in our case) a graphical version based on a TrueType/OpenType font. This enables web designers to use any font you like, as long as it is installed on the web server. The biggest drawback of course is that it relies on scripting and that there's a small performance hit. You cannot simply replace any text on the webpage with this technique.

Leave your comments on the new style, and problems you might encounter under this post.

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