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Free tool: Universal Extractor
Universal Extractor is a great little tool to extract files from archives (zip, rar, etc), MSI installer packages, and installation programs. In fact, the list of supported formats is quite long:

  • Archive Type Common File Extension(s)

  • 7-zip archive .7z, .exe

  • ACE archive .ace

  • ARC archive .arc

  • ARJ archive .arj, .exe

  • ASpack compressed file .exe

  • BIN/CUE CD-ROM image .bin, .cue

  • bzip2 archive .bz2, .tbz2, .tar.bz2

  • CPIO compressed file .cpio

  • Debian package .deb

  • Encoded files .b64, .uu, .uue, .xx, .xxe, .yenc, .ntx

  • Gentee package .exe

  • gzip archive .gz, .tgz, .tar.gz

  • IMG floppy disk image .img

  • Inno Setup package .exe

  • Installer VISE package .exe

  • InstallShield Cabinet archive .cab, .1, .lib

  • InstallShield package .exe

  • ISO CD-ROM image .iso

  • KGB archive .kgb, kge, .exe

  • LZH compressed file .lzh, .lha

  • LZW compressed file .Z, .tz, .tar.Z

  • LZO compressed file .lzo

  • MHTML file .mht

  • Microsoft Cabinet archive .cab, .exe, .imf

  • Microsoft Compiled Help file .chm

  • Microsoft compressed file .??_

  • Microsoft LIT e-book .lit

  • Microsoft Windows Help file .hlp

  • NSIS package .exe

  • Outlook Express mail archive .dbx

  • PEA archive .pea

  • RAR archive .rar, .001, .exe

  • RPM package .rpm

  • SetupFactory package .exe

  • SIS (SymbianOS) packages .sis

  • StuffIt packages .sit

  • TAR archive .tar, .tbz2, .tgz, .tz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, .tar.z

  • UHARC archive .uha

  • UPX compressed file .exe, .dll

  • Windows Installer package .msi

  • Windows Installer patch .msp

  • Wise Installer package .exe

  • ZIP archive .zip, .jar, .xpi, .wz, .exe

  • Zoo archive .zoo

Download: Universal Extractor

Universal Extractor is written in AutoIt Script, a powerful freeware scripting tool. If you want to create scripts yourself, get AutoIt Script

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