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Free screen capture tool: Cropper
A little known free screen capturing tool is Windows itself: push the PrtScn (the good ol' Print Screen button) and you have an instant copy of your entire desktop. Using Alt+PrtScn you'll get only the active window. This method works in all Windows versions since Windows 95 if I recall correctly.

However, this method is not so practical for a lot of people. If you want to use your screen grab in an email, you can only paste it via Outlook, not via Outlook Express. In that case you need to open MS Paint, or Paint Shop Pro, and paste it there as a new image, then save it as a jpeg, and then go back to your email to attach it as a file. Yuck.

Here's a powerful free screen capture tool called Cropper. The latest release also works on Windows Vista, and it contains screen capture capabilities to:
  • BMP format
  • PNG format
  • JPG format
  • clipboard (of course)
  • directly to printer
In addition, there are some great (free) plugins available on CodePlex that let you dump your screenshot to other formats or destinations:

  • Cropper.AnimatedGif

  • Cropper.AviFormat

  • Cropper.CountdownPng

  • Cropper.SendToEmail

  • Cropper.SendToFlickr

  • Cropper.SendToOneNote

  • Cropper.SendToTinyPic

Just grab your free downloads here:

ps: Cropper is written in C# on the Microsoft .NET platform.

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