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Community Server 2.1 Released
Community Server 2.1 (aka, Johnny) has finally been released.
Improvements to existing Features

  • New blogs skins - some professionally design blog skins to help make your blog stand-out.

  • Improved Editor - simple to use WYSIWYG editor.

  • Improved blog authoring experience - simplified workflow for creating, editing, and saving posts.

  • Improved comment editing/management tools for blogs - designed to help you edit and manage a large number of comments quickly.

  • Better SPAM Protection - changes to the built-in spam rules to more effectively deal with spam.

  • New reports - new reports for a variety of statistics maintained by the Community Server database.

  • Per-post answer status -allows users to track answer status on a per-post level for forum posts.

  • Better fixed-width support - design changes to enable better support for fixed width sites.

New Features

  • Tags - ability to add free form tags to content and then use tag clouds and other tools to filter content.

  • Content Mirroring - ability to configure a blog to be subscribed to one or more external RSS sources bringing that content into the site for visitors and making the content searchable.

  • Post Relevance sorting - allows site owners to use new post relevance algorithm (optional) for blog aggregation page. This feature allows popular content to stay “above the fold” longer.

  • Invitations - ability to configure site so that only invited users can join the community

  • Badges - members of the site each receive a community badge that can easily be displayed in a variety of locations, such as external blogs.

  • Feedburner / external RSS support - easily use tools, such as Feedburner, for sharing your RSS feeds on blogs.

  • Runs in Medium Trust - better support for hosting organizations that want to run ASP.NET applications in a reduced trust level.

Work on v.Next (aka chameleon) which features a brand new skinning engine is already underway.

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