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FIX: Outlook 2007 beta 2, WDS 3.0 beta and Default Profile
Have you also seen this error message when you have installed Windows Desktop Search beta 3 together with Microsoft Outlook 2007 beta 2:

Desktop Search
Windows Desktop Search has detected that you are using an Outlook profile that is not your default profile. Your Outlook folders can be indexed only when you are using your default profile.

To ensure your Outlook items are indexed, restart Outlook and select your default profile if prompted.

For more information, see Outlook Help.

The problem with this error message is that it appears when you have only one profile (probably named "Outlook") to connect to your Exchange server, and it is already set to Default.

After numerous reinstalls of Office 2007, Windows Desktop Search 2.6.5 and 3.0, and countless reboots, it suddenly struck me:

Go to the Control Panel, Mail, edit your Outlook-profile (or whatever it is called in your case) and note down the necessary details. Then create a new profile named "Default", put in the same settings as your old profile, and after that delete your original profile. Reboot, then upon startup of Outlook, you'll get the message that it will create a local copy of your mailbox and it will start copying all your mail from the Exchange server again (well, only if you have cached mode enabled of course).
So easy, yet so hard to find :-)

It worked over here, but that doesn't mean it will work everywhere. Do it at your own risk, and don't send your lawyer if it doesn't work out.
  Posted by oVan on Tuesday, June 06, 2006 | PermaLink | 0 comments
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