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Process Explorer
SysInternals have just released Process Explorer 10.02

Screenshot of Process Explorer

What's new in Version 10.0:

  • The process column is locked on the left side so that it doesn't scroll horizontally out of view

  • You can configure custom column selections and save them as easy-to-access column sets

  • Image verification option now verifies images in the background

  • More refresh intervals

  • Runas menu entry in the File menu

  • Run as Limited User menu entry in the File menu to run a process without administrative privileges and group membership

  • Process menu includes Restart item to kill and then restart a selected process

  • Can suspend individual threads on Threads page of Process Properties dialog

  • The Find Window target moves Process Explorer's main window to the back to get it out of the way

  • Close Window command uses same End Task functionality as Task Manager

  • Show New Processes option scrolls display to make new processes visible

  • Heuristics to detect more image packers

  • User name of account in which Process Explorer is running is shown in the title bar

  • Services can be stopped, resumed, and paused from the Services tab of the Process Properties dialog

  • The DLLs that host SvcHost processes are listed in the Services tab of the Process Properties dialog

  • Services running within a process display on the process' tooltip

  • As a parallel to the CPU Usage History column there's now a Private Bytes Usage History column

  • The Process view includes columns that show the working set breakdown of the process in shared, shareable and private pages

  • New delta private-bytes column to show changes in private virtual memory usage

  • Can copy lines from the Process, DLL and Handle views to the clipboard

  • Option to show pagefile-backed (unnamed) sections in DLL view

  • DLL and handle searching consolidated

  • The DLL view includes columns that show the working set contributions in shared, shareable, and private pages

  • The DLL a Rundll32 process hosts is shown in its process tooltip

  • Packed DLL highlighting in DLL view

  • Image signing verification available for DLLs

  • Better DLL properties dialog

  • Object address shown in Object Properties dialog

  • File object share flags column for Handle view

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