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What's new with Attensa for Outlook 1.0 Beta?

Here it is... Attensa for Outlook 1.0 Beta. It's feature complete and rarin' to go.

Search More...Work Less

Need to find something? Now you can add search feeds from these engines: Blog Digger, Daypop,, Feedster, flickr, Moreover, MSN search, Technorati, Wired News, Yahoo! News, Plazoo, SeekItAll, Google News, Google Blogs, Wikipedia, Feed24, IceRocket, Digg, and Yahoo! (whew!). With such a variety of search engines you're sure to find what you're looking for and have it delivered right into clearly labeled folders in Outlook.   

There's so many engines, we had to make two screenshots just to show them all:

Untitled_3 Untitled_2

Bug Fixes

There's significant improvement in Outlook performance when working with a large number of subscriptions and when switching folders located on Exchange and other remote servers.

We've fixed memory leaks in AttensaEngine.exe. Memory use holds steady without spiking.

Implementation of auto-delete preferences in the configuration menu pane is now cleaner and easier to use.

The problem which prevented the Publishing feature from working properly, for some users, has been fixed.

Finally, we've fixed a potential crash for users upgrading from You Subscribe: RSS.


In addition, we've added one more great feature. The version number has been changed from 0.992 to 1.0! We give a hearty applause to our engineers for working this one out.

Hammer on it

   - The Attensa Team

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    Title: What's new with Attensa for Outlook 1.0 Beta?
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