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It's only when something is not here anymore, that you realize how much you need it. While reinstalling my new notebook (thanks to Dell Gold Support), I'm quickly reinstalling a whole bunch of super handy (and most of them free) tools that I've used and loved for years:

* Brian Apps Sizer 3.3 (free): use pre-defined screen resolutions (or define your own) to resize any window, including fixed size windows, and/or reposition them on the screen. A must-have for any admin or web designer.

* Brian Apps Hot Key Plus 1.0 (free): define your own list of shortcuts, and finally use the Win-key on your keyboard fully!

* Sysinternals Process Explorer (free): the ultimate replacement for your task manager! This utility is loaded with essential functionality, every administrator should use it.

* Sysinternals Autoruns (free): very handy utility to view all places in registry where spyware, adware and viruses can hide.

That's it... I'll add a new post with more of these goodies soon. Until then, you know what to do!
  Posted by oVan on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 | PermaLink | 0 comments
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